Emergency Services:

Emergency Medical Services

The dedicated members of HCESD 48 EMS Division are paid professionals from EMT Basic to Paramedic. There are three ambulances which are staffed 24/7 with paramedics. A fourth ambulance is staffed 12 hours a day to provide additional capabilities to handle peak-time emergencies. In addition, there is an EMS supervisor always on duty. We have approximately 50 EMT employees.

Fire Suppression

The HCESD 48 Fire Supression Division is staffed with both full-time and volunteer firefighters. There are three fire trucks which are staffed 24/7. There are two reserve engines which can be used for multiple responses. In addition, there is a Chief Officer on duty 24/7. We have approximately 80 full, part-time, and volunteer firefighters.

Search and Rescue

Search and rescue services are provided by both fighterfighters and EMS professionals. The HCESD 48 search and rescue services are provided in coordination with area law enforcement agencies.